Definitive Diagnosis

So, we talked to the new oncologist today and got the definitive diagnosis. It iss hard to hear, and hard for me to type.

Teresa has stage 4 pancreatic cancer.

This is tough. There is no cure for this. There are treatments that will extend her life, but not for terribly long. The doctor was honest and compassionate in her explanation, but there is no sugar coating this. Most people don't last a year with this. This was a hammerblow to my heart.

Teresa is tough, and she is going to fight this as long as she can. The treatments will help until Teresa either cannot or will not fight any more. The doctor said any timelines are in God's hands, and that is true.

So now, we begin this journey with an end in sight. And that end terrifies me. But the strength of this magnificent woman that I married is making all of us in our family stronger. She told me today that she is lifted up and carried by the love that you all have shown us, and will continue to show us as we walk down this path together.

Teresa is working on a bucket list we are going to work on. Not too long for now, I'm going to set up a go-fund-me to help us accomplish that. I'm probably going to bother some of you to help with that as you are able. Because she wants to see more of this beautiful world that God gave us before the end.

Pray for us, send us your good wishes for those of you who are not praying sorts, and all of you continue to carry your love for her.

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