Coming Home

Teresa came home today. She's in good spirits but also a good bit of pain. The kids (Aidan and Ginny) were both glad to see her along with the pets. The challenge will be to keep them from jumping on her.

The next big step will be getting the pathology results and the surgical followup. In about 4 weeks (enough time to heal just enough) she'll likely start chemotherapy. That will be a new challenge on this journey.

Teresa wanted everyone to know how much she appreciates your love, support, and prayers. Keep it coming.

I'll update this again when we have the pathology report, or any other news. But that may be a bit.

If you have questions, ping me at and put "Teresa's cancer journey" or something like it in the subject line and I will try and answer you as quickly as possible.

PLEASE check with me if you want to call Teresa. I want to make sure she is getting enough rest, and don't want her woken up by unexpected (BUT WELCOME!!!) phone calls.

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