So, Teresa had not been feeling well. She'd lost some weight but noticed that her abdomen was getting bigger. She also had some abdominal pain. So she decied to go to the doctor. He immediately sent her for some blood tests and a CT (Computed Tomography) imaging scan. The radiologist immediately recognized signs of possible ovarian cancer. Our doctor called her and asked her to come in immediately and explained what had been found. He told her he would get with an oncologist immediately. To his credit, he called us with information about 7PM that evening. This was on the 19th of January, 2021.

The next day, she had an appointment with a gynecologic oncologist (cancer specialist for womens reproductive organs). After reviewing everything, the oncologist let my wife know she had a volleyball sized tumor, and possibly cancerous lesions on her upper bowel, kidney, and pancreas. She scheduled the surgery for Monday, January 25th. The plan was to remove any possible cancerous tissue, and examine the tumor and determine exactly what type of cancer it was, and how far it had progressed in her body.

She is in surgery now. God bless the hands of the surgeon. May God's will be done.

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