Surgery is over, She's in recovery

So, Teresa came through the surgery fine. Her oncologist confirmed that it is definitely cancer. She's waiting on the pathology report to verify what kind. She was able to get every cancerous bit she saw, along with a rather large tumor and about 1 liter of excess fluids built up around it. They also removed her appendix while she was there, in case it was involved (and seriously, who needs an appendix?)

Now for the harder knews. The cancer is stage 3, and will require a good bit of chemotherapy. The oncologist indicated she has good treatments for the type of cancer she thinks it is. So I am hopeful, but Teresa has a tough road ahead of her. Your continued prayers and good intentions will go a long way to sending this disease into remission. Chemotherapy will probably start in 4 weeks. That gives her body some time to heal, but we need to start fighting this as soon as possible.

I'll update next when we know exactly what the cancer is and what our treatment options are.

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