Chemo #2 update

This update is coming after Teresa started her 3nd chemotherapy treatment.

The first treatment went well, and while she is constantly tired, she had minimal side effects so far. She is regularly tired now, which is a side-effect of the chemotherapy. She hasn't let it slow her down much, but she's having to learn that she cannot be SuperMom and SuperWife. That's really tough for her.

We were able to celebrate my birthday with all the kids home, and that was really good. Then we were able to celebrate with a number of our friends at Church in a "joint party" arranged by one of our dear friends whose daughter has her birthday 1 day before mine.

I have added a travel trailer to our vehicle collection (2 vehicles, not much of a collection) which we will be using to make a number of trips to visit familiy and friends. We are planning trips to Arizona, New Mexico, Kansas, Louisiana and Florida (Disneyworld and Epcot) along with locations in Texas. This will allow us to not have to worry about hotel rooms, and allow us to take our comforts with us.

On to more recent news. We have the results of the PET scan mentioned in the last update. Praise God, there are no additional tumors right now, and the tumor on her pancreas has not grown in size since the CAT scan. Hopefully, the chemotherapy keeps this in check. Wednesday (3/10/2021) she started her second session of chemotherapy. This one has hit her a little harder, but mostly being tired and shaky. She is also extremely sensitive to cold foods and touch. This is a known side-effect of one of her chemotherapy drugs. Friday she will finish her chemotherapy and be free of devices for a couple of weeks. Saturday, she'll get her first shot of the Pfizer vaccine, and will get the second shot 3 weeks later. The ascites I mentioned in the last update is very minimal right now, and is not causing her problems right now, so there's no need for intervention on that.

Needless to say, the good news about the cancer being in only one location has buoyed our spirits.

Working with a travel agent friend we are planning a trip to Alaska, hopefully at the end of the month. That's due to the generousity of so many of you.

As always, we appreciate your help, your prayers, and your good wishes. So many people have sent cards, sent food, and sent their prayers. We are SO grateful for the love you have shown us.

I have added the blog link so you can read about previous updates. I have added all the newsletter updates to the blog.

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