Chemo #3 update and Alaska Trip

Sorry for delaying this update. We've been busy.

Teresa is doing well with Chemo. Kudo's to the treatment team at Texas Oncology. They have done an outstanding job at keeping the side effects of chemo at bay.

Her third chemotherapy session went well. She's been a little more physically challenged and tired after this round of chemo. The biggest side effect this time other than that is the ongoing issues with cold sensitivity. She's not able to handle cold items or drinks. She also has issues with numbness in her extremities. They have prescribed gabapentin for that and that is helping somewhat. She's also having some issues with her rheumatoid arthritis because they need her to stop taking her NSAID (non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs) for a time because of their blood thinning properties. She'll be taking a blood thinner for a couple of weeks to avoid the risks of a blood clot for our trip to Alaska.

Time to let you know some of the ways we've been spending your money. We've been buying warm clothes, jackets, boots and thermal underwear for our trip to Alaska. The trip will be from April 7 to April 12. We are quite excited about this trip. The biggest thing on Teresa's bucket list has been to see the Northern Lights. We'll be visiting Anchorage, Seward, and Fairbanks. I will also soon be purchasing 2 burial plots, one for her and one for me eventually.

We are flying first class to Anchorage and spend the night there, the next day we'll drive to Seward to take a boat to watch the whales as well as see some of the sights there. We will be spending a night there, then driving back to Anchorage for another night there. After that we will take the Alaska Railroad for a 12 hour trip to Fairbanks. This goes through the Denali mountain range, which we are quite excited to see. We'll spend two nights in Chena Hot Springs resort. We plan on trying out the springs if we can. The second night in Fairbanks we'll get on a bus to take us about 90 minutes north to see the Northern Lights. Then we'll fly back from Fairbanks and then drive home.

To save some money, we are flying from DFW Airport, and driving at night to save on hotels.

One of my friends has loaned us a camera for the trip (Thank you!) and we'll also be taking a GoPro we also bought with your donations.

I plan on posting video's and pictures when we get back, to share with you all.

As always, we thank you for your generousity and for your prayers and love.

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